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PHP MySQL JavaScript and HTML5 All-in-One For Dummies

PHP MySQL JavaScript and HTML5 All-in-One For Dummies,download free ebooks

Open the book and find: Installation instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux HTML
building blocks How CSS makes creating forms easier The difference between javascript and Java Tips on coding more efficiently with jQuery An introduction to object- oriented programming Details of database structure How PHP templates can help reduce code

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Developing Mobile Games with Moai SDK

Developing Mobile Games with Moai SDK,download free ebooks

Learn the basics of Moai SDK through developing games.

Develop games for multiple platforms with a single code base
Understand the basics of Moai SDK
Build two prototype games including one with physics
Deploy your game to iPhone’

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How Invention Begins: Echoes of Old Voices in the Rise of New Machines

 How Invention Begins: Echoes of Old Voices in the Rise of New Machines,download free books

In How Invention Begins, Lienhard reconciles the ends of invention with the individual leaps upon which they are built, illuminating the vast web of individual inspirations that lie behind whole technologies. He traces, for instance, the way in which thousands of people applied their combined inventive genius to airplanes, railroad engines, and automobiles. As he does so, it becomes clear that a collective desire, an upwelling of fascination, a spirit of the times--a Zeitgeist--laid its hold upon inventors. The thing they all sought to create was speed itself. Likewise, Lienhard shows that when we trace the astonishingly complex technology of printing books, we come at last to that which we desire from books--the knowledge, the learning, that they provide. Can we speak of speed or education as inventions? To do so, he concludes, is certainly no greater a stretch than it is to call radio or the telephone an "invention."
Throughout this marvelous volume, Lienhard illuminates these webs of insight or inspiration by weaving a fabric of anecdote, history, and technical detail--all of which come together to provide a full and satisfying portrait of the true nature of invention.

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The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques

The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques,download all kind of books for free

This book is intended for artists who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of materials and the wide range of available media. It will teach them about the characteristics of these media and materials and how to use them to get the required effect. 

With a unique combination of instruction and practice the book provides examples of the type of mark-making each medium produces.
A range of projects then demonstrates effective ways of working with them.
By the end of the book every budding artist will have enough knowledge and confidence to utilize the techniques they have learnt in a broad range of compositions of their own choosing.


Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series Bhyanak Aadmi

Download Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series (4 in 1)
1 - bhyanak admi
2 - jahnum ke raqqasa
3 - neelay prenday
4 - sanpo kay shekari

Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series (4 in 1),download all kind of books

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Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series Adlava

Download Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series (4 in 1)
1 - operation double cross
2 - khair andesh
3 - point no 12
4 - ad lava

Ibn-e-Safi Imran Series (4 in 1),download free all kind of books

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Learn Java for Android Development, 2nd Edition by Jeff Friesen

Who this book is for
This book is for any programmer - including existing Java programmers and Objective-C-based iPhone and iPad programmers - of any skill level who needs to obtain a

solid understanding of the Java language and foundational Java APIs before jumping into Android app development.

Table of Contents
1. Getting Started with Java
2. Learning Language Fundamentals
3. Discovering Classes and Objects
4. Discovering Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Interfaces
5. Mastering Advanced Language Features Part 1
6. Mastering Advanced Language Features Part 2
7. Exploring the Basic APIs Part 1
8. Exploring the Basic APIs Part 2
9. Exploring the Collections Framework
10. Exploring Additional Utility APIs
11. Performing Classic I/O
12. Accessing Networks
13. Migrating to New I/O
14. Accessing Databases
A. Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises
B. Appendix B: Four of a Kind
C. Appendix C: Odds and Ends

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Microsoft Word 2013 Plain & Simple

Microsoft Word 2013 Plain & Simple,download all kind of books

Get the full-color, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft Word 2013 plain and simple! Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to create and share documents.

Here’s WHAT you’ll learn:
Create, edit, format, and share text
Add graphics, data, table, and charts
Improve page layout to best present your ideas
Use and make templates for increased productivity
Collaborate and present documents online
Access your documents from almost any browser

Here’s HOW you’ll learn it:
Jump in wherever you need answers
Follow easy STEPS and SCREENSHOTS to see exactly what to do
Get handy TIPS for new techniques and shortcuts
Use TRY THIS! exercises to apply what you learn right away 

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Word 2013 For Dummies

Word 2013 For Dummies,download all kind of books
This bestselling guide to Microsoft Word is the first and last word on Word 2013!

It's a whole new Word, so jump right into this book and learn how to make the most of it. Bestselling For Dummies author Dan Gookin puts his usual fun and friendly candor back to work to show you how to navigate the new features of Word 2013. Completely in tune with the needs of the beginning user, Gookin explains how to use Word 2013 quickly and efficiently so that you can spend more time working on your projects and less time trying to figure it all out.

Walks you through the capabilities of Word 2013 without weighing you down with unnecessary technical jargon
Deciphers the user interface and shows you how to take advantage of the file formats
Covers editing documents, working with text, using grammar and spelling tools, formatting, adding images and other design elements, and more

Get the word on the latest Word with Word 2013 For Dummies!

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Android Game Programming For Dummies

Android Game Programming For Dummies,android,learn android,android games,develop android games,android game programing,

Open the book and find:
What you should know about the Android gaming industry
Project planning tips
How to identify the market for your game
The ins and outs of good interface design
The lifecycle of an activity
Advice on screen orientation
How to create simple animations
How to monetize your game and turn a profit

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Batman Death Of The Family

Batman Death Of The Family,comic books,download comic books,

00.Death of the Family.cbr 13 MB
01. Batman 13.cbr 18 MB
02. Batgirl 13.cbr 17 MB
03. Catwoman 13.cbr 26 MB
04. Batman 14.cbr 17 MB
05. Batgirl 04.cbr 17 MB
06. Catwoman 14.cbr 15 MB
07. Suicide Squad 14.cbr 15 MB
08. Batman 15.cbr 37 MB
09. Batman and Robin 15.cbr 26 MB
10. Detective Comics 15.cbr 18 MB
11. Batgirl 15.cbr 41 MB
12. Nightwing 15.cbr 36 MB
13. Red Hood and the Outlaws 15.cbz 13 MB
14. Suicide Squad 15.cbr 29 MB
15. Teen Titans 15.cbr 14 MB
16. Batman 16.cbr 39 MB
17. Batman and Robin 16.cbr 26 MB
18. Detective comics 16.cbr 44 MB
19. Batgirl 16.cbr 40 MB
21. Nightwing 16.cbr 45 MB
22. Red Hood and the Outlaws 16.cbz 14 MB
23. Teen Titans 16.cbr 45 MB
24. Batman 17.cbr 34 MB
and much more
(archive password 1984)

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Complete Marvel Uncanny X-Men Comics DVD part 1

Complete Marvel Uncanny X-Men Comics DVD part 1,comic books,download comic books
The X-Men 01-93
The Uncanny X-Men Annuals 1970-2001

Here is the Complete Uncanny X-Men DVD nicely converted to the
popular .cbz format. Now you can read these high quality commercial
scans with your favorite comic book viewer software.
(archive password -1984)

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Tarsan Agency (Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series)

Testable JavaScript

Testable JavaScript,download ebooks,
One skill that’s essential for any professional JavaScript developer is the ability to write testable code. This book shows you what writing and maintaining testable JavaScript for the client- or server-side actually entails, whether you’re creating a new application or rewriting legacy code.

From methods to reduce code complexity to unit testing, code coverage, debugging, and automation, you’ll learn a holistic approach for writing JavaScript code that you and your colleagues can easily fix and maintain going forward. Testing JavaScript code is complicated. This book helps you simply the process considerably.
Get an overview of Agile, test-driven development, and behavior-driven development
Use patterns from static languages and standards-based JavaScript to reduce code complexity
Learn the advantages of event-based architectures, including modularity, loose coupling, and reusability
Explore tools for writing and running unit tests at the functional and application level
Generate code coverage to measure the scope and effectiveness of your tests
Conduct integration, performance, and load testing, using Selenium or CasperJS
Use tools for in-browser, Node.js, mobile, and production debugging
Understand what, when, and how to automate your development processes

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Black Mask (Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series)

Digital Design for Print and Web: An Introduction to Theory, Principles, and Tech.

Digital Design for Print and Web: An Introduction to Theory, Principles, and Tech.,ebooks,download free ebooks.all kind of books
The all-inclusive guide—from theory to practice—for print and Web design
Any well-conceived print or Web design features the dynamic interplay between visual artistry and technical skill. It becomes important, therefore, for the designer to cultivate an aesthetic eye as well as develop a high degree of computer savvy.
By combining basic theory with hands-on technique, Digital Design for Print and Web takes the unique approach of uniting two subjects traditionally approached separately into one complete volume. As a result, you will gain a clearer understanding of the entire creative process, from project management to working with graphics to designing for print and, ultimately, the Web.

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At The Gates Of Darkness By Raymond E. Feist

Ten years after the terrible Darkwar finally ended, catastrophe once again threatens to engulf Midkemia and Kelewan, as the demon hordes continue their relentless quest to infiltrate this realm of magic and wonder.” “At the Gates of Darkness” Book Two of the Demonwar Saga.

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